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 "After 40 years of experience ZIDEAS provided one of the best courses I've attended."  

  R.J. Williams, Townsend State 


  • Applied Imagination

  • Breakthrough Thinking Profile

  • Focusing for Innovation

  • Strategic Divergence and Convergence

KEYNOTES  (Possible Topics)

  • The Creative Imperative

  • Creative Leadership in a world of change

  • Myth Busting and Building 

  • Cognitive Creative Energy and Impact

  • Innovation Trends 


  • Thinking for Innovation

  • Creative Leadership

  • Design Thinking

  • Leading Innovation Teams

  • Universal Innovation Process*  This is a hybrid process leveraging Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Agile, and other methodologies.


Courses range from one-day to four-day deep dives.


All courses include follow-up coaching. 


The  learning topics below  are only a starting-point or guide. Your success is important to us, how might we best meet your goals and objectives? We prefer to personalize for maximum impact.

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