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Breakthough Facilitation

A Problem Solving Dash (1/2 day+)

A Decision Jam  (1/2 day+)

The 4x4 Solution Sprint  (4 half-day connected jams )

Design Sprint (4-day immersion)

What if you tackled any of the following with greater creativity and focus?

  • Clarify, define or untangle one or more challenges

  • Overcome a specific challenge or obstacle

  • Think-up, invent, or develop seriously new ideas / concepts on a specific challenge

  • Develop or analyze potential solutions while still keeping originality alive

  • Transform concepts into workable solutions before moving forward

  • Ensure the environment will support your new solution or proposed change

  • Anticipate and leverage a broad range of resources to strengthen your implementation plan

  • Design a robust, execution friendly action plan for your solution

Lets do this.

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