What are ZiDEAS? ZiDEA is different, unique, new, innovative, on the edge...it goes beyond! The power of a ZiDEA is twofold: it goes beyond the boundaries of the imagination; it also comes back as a tangible creation. In the world of divergence, ideas are a dime a dozen. Everyone has ideas and/or can create ideas. However, ideas aren't enough!


Ideas require action to realize their potential. These realized ideas are what we have come to call ZiDEAS.

How can we help you and your organization find your creative, innovative potential? 

Meet the ZiDEAS Team

Our central leadership team are specialists in creating learning environments through which individuals, teams, and organizations can be creative and innovative- reach full potential! We are practitioners in corporate, not-for-profit, and education spaces. We can meet your needs and have access to a wide variety of talent in the Creative Problem Solving and Innovation community.  

Garth Aldrich, Founding Partner

Contact Garth: zgarth@zideas.com

Cory Wright, Founding Partner,

Contact Cory: cory@zideas.com

Jona Wright, Senior Consultant

Doctorate in Executive Leadership

Research Focus: Creative Problem Solving & Divergent Thinking 

Contact Jona: jona@zideas.com

Partial Client List: 

Scott Miller
Chautauqua Institute
Buffalo Zoo
Town of Alden
Riverside Institute of Technology
Center for Studies in Creativity
M&T Bank
NYS Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES)
Hammermill Paper
Singapore Ministry of Education
Ngee-Ann Polytechnic Institute of Singapore
Singapore Institute of Management

Alfred State University

Seneca Methodist Church

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so we can upshift your thinking, your organization, your outcomes. 

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